TRANSPORT MINI BOX - Combo 3 | Ages 3.5 - 5 | 2 activities

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Ride on terrains with bicycles and explore some more of the moving world with activities based on the concept of ‘Rolling and Sliding’

This mini box is a part of the full box and comprises of 2 activities.

Combo 3 of Volume 2 (Transport Theme) consists of well-paced, comprehensive, age-appropriate activities that will engage parents and children playfully, explaining the physical parts, facts, and importance of each mode of transportation in a step-by-step manner.

Key Features:

  • The activities in this box introduce bicycle and its parts as well as the concept of rolling and sliding, fostering creativity & developing eye-hand coordination, and interactive activities enhancing role-playing skills.
  • Reusable and repeatable to keep your little one busy
  • Vocabulary Building & Language Development is a by-product of all the activities specially curated for maximum retention and learning.
  • Personalized name boxes available to gift your loved ones.

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