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Play- A Thing of Balance | Pathfinders Early Learner

Play- A Thing of Balance

Pre-school years significantly determine a child’s pathway to adulthood. At this early stage of development, it becomes essential to give a holistic foundation that enables the child to embrace the world tomorrow with freedom, independence, and responsibility. Guided play indeed is an important channel for literacy development and advantageous for both children and parents as they spend time and learn together. 

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Learning through Play..!! | Pathfinders Early Learner

Learning through Play..!!

Activities should be comprising of stimulating early learning play concepts of math, language, and literacy as well as aiding gross motor, fine motor, social, emotional and cognitive skill development. Children indeed develop problem-solving skills and abstract thinking while they are busy deciphering puzzles or crafting ‘DIY Kits’ The key is to leverage a child’s active involvement and engagement in each of its activities.

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