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Our Mission

To inspire every young mind with the joy of learning through our guided approach and make connections between families and early learners in their home environment.

From The Founders Desk

As founders of Pathfinders Preschool, we have a decade of working with toddlers and kindergarteners, and our extensive research in collaboration with international educators only demonstrated to us that the best way of learning for an early learner is through the medium of play in a friendly natural environment.

In an era of paradigm shifts in learning mechanisms, our learner boxes are theme-based learning kits (based on STEM) for the age group of 2+ years, comprising stimulating activities for meaningful engagement of children in your home setting.

Our Learner Boxes are not only integrated with child developmental goals of enhancing pre-math, language, knowledge, fine motor and gross motor skills, it has all the resources you need with very little set-up time and is easy to pack away so you can enjoy creating learning memories together.

Our preschool principles of inquiry-based learning are implemented in these learner boxes through stories, follow up activities, puzzles, manipulatives, DIY crafts, games, all designed by our experienced early childhood teachers.

Our children are truly the future of our world. Let’s go ahead and help our toddlers discover the joy of learning and inspire their little minds to explore, learn and create with their own Learner Boxes.

Tapoti Jhunjhunwala & Ashwini Timblo Gupta
Ashwini Timblo Gupta & Tapoti Jhunjhunwala