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1. What is so special about these theme based toys?

    Each of our learner boxes consists of creative, exploratory and stimulating age-appropriate activities that will engage parents and children playfully, providing desired learning outcomes through creative thinking.

    We also aim to provide academic concept based learning through each of the themes and volumes. We integrate the understanding of language, math, motor skills, creative and problem solving skills with stage related theme based activities. The learning outcome can be scaled at individual stage of your child and is clearly defined.

    2. How is this toy different from other toys available for toddlers?

    As educators we firmly believe that early developmental toys need more activity and to be more than just "Just push a button and watch it play". A toy should engage the child in active play, and encourage multiple levels of exploration. Our theme boxes are toddler toys aimed to develop motor skills, curiosity, creativity, language skills and creative thinking abilities.

    These products are made in India and designed and developed by experts for your child’s developing brain.

    3. What all is included in each of the boxes?

    Our boxes are themes based and each theme has two volumes. Each volume has seven activities including a story with a follow up, a DIY craft, puzzles, manipulative equipment and games for motor skill development. Each activity comes with an instructional manual with learning objectives, outcomes and fun facts for the child to learn.

    4. Is there any specific method or flow to using the activities in each box?

    While there is no predetermined order for the play flow, you can start with activities as labelled. Each activity comes with a step by step instructional manual for the adult to guide the child while doing the activities. The story and follow up activity of the story and other activities can be repeated with variations as many times as your child directs the play.

    5. What skills would my child develop through each of the learner boxes?

    Each theme is integrated with pre-math, language, environmental and motor skills aspects done through activities. Relevant theme facts can be paced as per the age and stage of your child. The objectives for all learning activities are clearly defined and mentioned with each of the activities in the box.

    6. Should I buy activities as per the age of the of child or the stage?

    We would highly recommend going through each of the descriptions of the volumes and read the key features discussed. If your child is 2 years, start with Volume 1 and then move to Volume 2 of the same theme. Alternatively, if your child is above 4.5, then you may start with Volume 2 of any of the themes.

    7. What is the level of guidance my child will need while playing with these activities?

    Each activity in the Learner's Box provides engaging and pleasurable opportunities to bond with your child. The activities require initial guidance by an adult be it parents, caregivers and even grandparents. Each activity is concept based, exploratory and hands on with simple to follow step-by-step instructions, facts, objectives with pictures and materials provided.

    You can also repeat some of the activities to switch and let the child role play and find more play in the activities. Repetition helps to improve speed, refines perspective, increases confidence, and strengthens the connections in the brain.

    Being with the adult will also increase child’s willingness to spend more time on the activity. Repetition of the activity and finding more play will boost your child’s confidence to enable the child to gradually reverse roles with the adult.

    8. How do I know My Order has been confirmed?

    A confirmation email will be sent to your phone number / email address.

    9.How long does it take to ship and deliver the box?

    We will ship the ordered product/s typically within 2-3 working days of order confirmation. The typical delivery date shall be within 5-7 days of shipping and in case of personalization, it may take up to 10 days.

    10. What is your return policy?

    All our products are non returnable or non exchangeable. If you receive a damaged / defective product. please drop a message on the customer service no +919819749610 and email a picture of the damaged product on earlylearner@pathfindersps.com. Please do the above within 24 hours of accepting delivery. Upon verifying the authenticity of your claim, we will determine if the same order may be replaced. 

    11. Which payment methods are available? Is Cash on Delivery (COD) available?

    You can avail a number of payment methods as per your convenience which include net banking, credit card and PayPal and COD (with nominal charge of INR 100) for your purchases.

    12. How can I get discount coupons?

    You are welcome to subscribe to our newsletter, and follow our social media handles to receive regular updates on our products, discounts and special offers. You can do so by scrolling to the bottom of our website. Please share your email id in the box provided.


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