TRANSPORT BIG BOX | Ages 4 - 5 | 6 activities + 1 Story book | Learning Kits for Children

TRANSPORT BIG BOX | Ages 4 - 5 | 6 activities + 1 Story book

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With increasing complexity from Transport Big Box 3-4 years, ride on terrains with bicycles or wander in the space, explore some more of the moving world with activities based on ‘Bicycle’, ‘Spacecraft’, ‘Bullet Train’, ‘Submarine’, & ‘Construction Vehicles in our Volume 2.                   

Transport Big Box for 4-5-year-olds has 6 activities that will engage parents and children in learning the physical parts, facts, and importance of more modes of transportation in a playful manner.

Key Features:

  1. DIY bullet train developing fine motor skills, fostering creativity & eye-hand coordination.
  2. Roll and slide experiment to learn about patterns of movement and pre-math skills
  3. Board Game of Spacecraft with planets in the solar system
  4. Navigating Submarine Maze, understanding complex patterns through its movement, and life underwater
  5. Puzzle building a bicycle to learn problem solving and learning about other types
  6. Story book on Construction vehicles and interactive activity for role play

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