ANIMALS BIG BOX | Ages 4 - 5 | 6 activities + 1 Story book | Learning Kits for Children

ANIMALS BIG BOX | Ages 4 - 5 | 6 activities + 1 Story book

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Our Animal Theme box of activities for 4-5 years comes with increasing complexity from 3-4 years, engaging parents and children playfully, teaching them about more animals, their natures, and habitats, through age-appropriate preschool activities.

In this box, your child will understand the skin patterns of different wild animals and their peculiar behaviour and explore more creatures of the jungle with ‘Leopard’, ‘Cheetah’, ‘Tiger’, ‘Zebra’, ‘Monkey’, and ‘Bear’.

Key Features:

  1. Story book and activity introducing patterns and animal behaviours to build vocabulary and language.
  2. Advanced Leopard and Cheetah Puzzle  aiding in problem-solving & critical thinking.
  3. DIY “Tiger” developing fine motor skills, fostering creativity & eye-hand coordination.
  4. Bear activity to learn the concept of colour sequencing.
  5. Banana activity for letter recognition and the associated words.
  6. Zebra lacing for problem solving and fine motor development.

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