Early learner Tales - Curious Travellers Set is WHEEL-ly perfect for your little one (2-5 yr old)

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Our Early Learner Tales - Curious Travellers book set will fuel your child’s knowledge of rescue and construction vehicles.  It is a set of two transport-themed books.

Book 1: A Busy Day for Flora Firestation - Depicts the courage of firefighters rescuing people and animals in various scenarios showing different use of rescue vehicles.

Book 2: Giant Construction Vehicles at Work - Describes the real machines, namely dump trucks, cement mixers, excavators, and road rollers that do a superhero job and build the road in the community.

Our books are written by educators and are excellent resources for exploring preschooler concepts through stories. 


  • An engaging way for a parent to explain and connect the concepts through illustrations and storyline.
  • It advances the child's language and builds new vocabulary, and kindergartners have the opportunity to learn high-frequency words and develop pre-reading skills.
  • Develops the child's listening, cognitive and critical thinking skills and encourages them to solve problems through the fun-filled plots in the stories.