Early learner Tales- Series 2- Popular set of 3 books on Animal Patterns, Lifecycle of a Butterfly and Construction Vehicles, (2-5 yr old)

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Introducing our Early Learner Tales - Series 2,  a set of three books from our themes of Wild animals, Insects, and Transport.  Series 2 is a standalone set with informative concepts for two to five-year-olds.

Book 1: The Lost Patterns - Based on why we are beautiful the way we are, in this story, the Tiger, Leopard, and Cheetah lose their patterns, and their good friend Giraffe helps to get them back.

Book 2: The Caterpillar’s Wish - Features a hungry caterpillar eating green fruits and vegetables before it pupates and emerges as a butterfly, saying that healthy foods are better for you.

Book 3: - Giant Construction Vehicles at Work - Describes the real machines, namely dump trucks, cement mixers, excavators, and road rollers, that do a superhero job and build the road in the community.

Our books are written by educators and are excellent resources for exploring preschooler concepts through stories. 


  • An engaging way for a parent to explain and connect the concepts through illustrations and a storyline.
  • It advances the child's language and builds new vocabulary, and kindergartners can learn high-frequency words and develop pre-reading skills.
  • Develops the child's listening, cognitive and critical thinking skills and encourages them to solve problems through the fun-filled plots in the stories.